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Atin Bralor, round 2...Official! by structuresque
Atin Bralor, round 2...Official!
She passed! And I'm actually glad I had to make the corrections because I think she looks even better than before.
Working towards Beast Hunter now.
Well, she failed on a few points. :( Got two weeks to fix them and resubmit the application.

1. The trousers and top aren't a close enough colour match.
2. The shins aren't good enough - quality doesn't match the rest of the armour plates, and I don't know whether to take that as a compliment on the quality of the rest of it, or a kick in the teeth to imply that my quality isn't constant.
3. The fur loin cloth isn't acceptable - the kama is, thankfully, because I could not give up my furry butt flap - but the loin cloth must be plain leather.
4. The gauntlets fall foul of a new rule that was introduced the day I submitted my application. :( Re-enactment style bracers are no longer acceptable. I have to either 'star wars them up' - which I don't know what that means.... - or replace them. So that is £60 spent less than a week ago, that is an instant waste. Annoyed would be an understatement - it is a quarter of what I earn per month. I'm a student...I have pitiful income. But fortunately another member is helping me out with the gauntlet issue.

So the plan is to change from medium to light armour and scrap the thigh and shin plates because I don't have the time to redo the shins. I've started my new course and it has priority, so it'll have to be a change in armour style for now. Trousers are an easy fix - I'll get some which are jet black. Loin cloth is a half hour sewing job. And the gaunts are under assistance.
So hopefully she'll pass with those changes.
But it's still a real kick to be failed.

Never mind, try again and keep smiling.
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Atin Bralor by structuresque
Atin Bralor
It's been 35 weeks since I started this project. It's been great fun - I hope it passes - and then it's on to the hunter upgrades.
Just for everyone's amusement - clan wide nomination and even unofficial I felt it was worth joining in. It's a worthy cause to make a fool of yourself for! Hopefully the link works!…
It certainly tested the paint job for integrity!
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United Kingdom
Casual costumer and diligent Mandalorian obsessive.
I post updates on my OC costume here; I also write, and that can be found at the link below.

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This made me smile this morning. :) Sometimes the small scale of what I do makes me think 'why bother, who looks', especially now that I'm splitting my work over 2 accounts. But then I think, well I'm going to be doing it anyway so I might as well share it, even if it is only with a handful of people. :)
chee-wee Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Student Writer
Well, I'm glad it got you smiling :aww:
Ah, I think it's good that you're sharing it <3
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